Trimming the Fat

Trapped in a dull hotel, a businessman bumps into an old school friend. Boundaries are crossed, personal space is invaded, tears are shed. (2008, 16 mins) Written & Directed by Matt Huntley | Produced by Alan Traquair | Executive Producers: Jim Field Smith & George Kay Starring Mathew Horne, Tony Way, Sinead Matthews An idiotlamp production for BBC

Where Have I Been All Your Life?

In trying to find his biological father, a young man uncovers some dark suburban secrets. (2007, 20 mins) Directed by Jim Field Smith | Written by George Kay | Produced by Alan Traquair Starring James Corden, Imelda Staunton, James Cosmo, Katy Wix An Idiotlamp production for BBC Films, BBC Comedy and the BBC Film Network In association with IE:Music

Goodbye to the Normals

6-year-old Magnus has decided to run away to America. But is this just another of his little games? (2006, 5 mins) Directed by Jim Field Smith | Written by George Kay | Produced by Jules Hussey Starring: Steve Furst, Juliet Cowan and Alfie Field An Idiotlamp production for The In Good Company Limited In association with IE:Music.

Missing Moscow

An English documentary team with a worthy agenda follows a group of Russian immigrants living in London. They must be lonely, surely? (2003, 19 mins) Written, Produced & Directed by Jim Field Smith & George Kay An Idiotlamp production in association with Addiction TV