(2015, BBC Two, 3×60)

STAG alt logoA dark comedy thriller about a truly horrific stag weekend. In this three-parter, a meek school teacher (Jim Howick) joins his future brother-in-law (Stephen Campbell Moore) and several obnoxious friends on a deer-stalking expedition in the Scottish highlands. As the hunting party realises they themselves are the prey, sordid secrets begin to emerge and old friendships are tested to the limit in a ruthless battle for survival.
“Stag” is created and written by Jim Field Smith and George Kay, and produced and directed by Jim Field Smith. Myfanwy Moore is the Executive Producer and it is a BBC In House Comedy production in association with Idiotlamp. 

Short films:

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(2008, 16 mins)

Trapped in a dull hotel, a businessman bumps into an old school friend. Boundaries are crossed, personal space is invaded, tears are shed. Written & Directed by Matt Huntley Produced by Alan Traquair Executive Producers: Jim Field Smith & George Kay Starring Mathew Horne, Tony Way, Sinead Matthews An idiotlamp production for BBC Films, BBC Comedy and BBC Film Network


(2007, 20 mins)

In trying to find his biological father, a young man uncovers some dark suburban secrets. Directed by Jim Field Smith Written by George Kay Produced by Alan Traquair Starring James Corden, Imelda Staunton, James Cosmo An idiotlamp production for BBC Films, BBC Comedy and the BBC Film Network In association with IE:Music


(2006, 5 mins)

6-year-old Magnus has decided to run away to America. But is this just another of his little games? Directed by Jim Field Smith Written by George Kay Produced by Jules Hussey Starring Steve Furst, Juliet Cowan and Alfie Field An idiotlamp production for The In Good Company Ltd in association with IE:Music


(2003, 19 mins)

An English documentary team with a worthy agenda follows a group of Russians immigrants in London. They must be lonely, surely? Why won’t they admit it. It’s very sad. Written, Produced & Directed by Jim Field Smith & George Kay An idiotlamp production in association with Addiction TV