• “It’s oppressively atmospheric, with the Scottish scenery at first silvery-green, turning fierce and black. As things deteriorate, there’s a mix of suspense, oddball imagery and domestic drama – the mundane details of the men’s lives spilling out with subtle comic value as they face extreme situations”

    The Times on STAG
  • “The horror amid the mountains recalls Michael Haneke’s brilliantly sadistic Funny Games”

    The Guardian on STAG
  • “It gets better, and better, and the humour finally takes a back seat to the humanity. Stick with this: wholly rewarding and surprising”

    The Observer on STAG
  • “Deliciously dark… Witty, observant dialogue and nail-gnawing tension add to what is a clever and funny piece”

    Daily Telegraph on STAG
  • “A sharply-filmed cross between lads-on-tour comedy and Deliverance… There are really nasty scenes but the nightmare is punctuated with hilarious sight gags and jet-black one-liners. It’s like a whoopee cushion edged with razor wire.”

    Radio Times on STAG