• “you’d be wrong to think Criminal is like any show you’ve ever seen before… at once chilling, fascinating, and slick. A must-watch”

    The Express on CRIMINAL
  • “breathless, propulsive and hypnotically gripping”

    The Telegraph on CRIMINAL
  • “an intriguing and claustrophobic experiment in intensity… Criminal uses its small canvas to ask big questions… it makes for gripping drama”

    The Independent on CRIMINAL
  • “An air of menace and tantalising truth suffuses every scene. It feels new, fresh and rather thrilling… Every episode is a spare, precision-engineered hour without a wasted shot or beat”

    The Guardian on CRIMINAL
  • “Fiercely good acting and twisty, breathless plotting… You will bite nails… a terrific, grown-up watch”

    The Observer on CRIMINAL
  • “Truly compelling”

    AV Club on CRIMINAL
  • “Among the most breathless TV shows you’ll watch all year”

    Total Film on CRIMINAL
  • “Taut and claustrophobic”

    The Financial Times on CRIMINAL
  • “A deft reboot of the police procedural”

    The Sunday Times on CRIMINAL